Interior Architect Rania Hamed, founder of multiple award-winning boutique firm VSHD Design based in Dubai and Montreal, is known for her innovative interiors and outstanding quality designs. Hamed ensures her visualisations are not trend-led but synonymous with timelessness and longevity.

Hamed’s projects are based on strong design concepts and great attention to detail. Transforming the space through the creative use of light ensures both functional living and working spaces throughout her designs. Hamed is fascinated by the challenge of integrating traditional culture and technique into contemporary design and strives to introduce this dichotomy in her work.

VSHD Design believes that as both architects and interior architects creatives, our role is to transform and re-purpose the space and breathe new life into it. With each project, we combine modesty with elegance, to reach elements of calm, beauty and subtle luxury.

VSHD Design specialises in both residential and commercial space and has completed projects across the world, from Florida to London, Cairo, Amman, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.